Marge Simpson on Cover of Playboy, stealing Black Pinups thunder

I was both surprised and happy to hear that Marge Simpson would be on the cover of Playboy this November. That happiness was immediately downgraded to slight disappointment when I saw the cover released by TMZ today.

You see, I am a long time fan of Playboy, and as you know I am also a long time fan of black models. The cover  is an exact copy of the original cover in 1971 which featured the first african american model on the cover of Playboy, Darine Stern. Not only was Darine Stern the first black model on the cover of Playboy (which makes her a black pinup in my mind), but she also died of breast cancer. This was released during  Breast Cancer awareness month, in addition to Darine gracing the cover being a historical event - I was beyond disappointed when there was no mention of her in any of the coverage.

A friend tried to console by saying imitation is the best form of flattery, however I don't believe this is true without mention to the original.

Hopefully, within the November issue, Playboy gives mention to this historical cover and black pinup model - hopefully.

Cheers to you Darine Stern - one of Playboys first black pinups. I remember you, and I'm sure many were pleased and still are pleased with your cover.

See for yourself.